Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Surge Review (and a few others)

All block-based puzzlers need a kernel of a brilliant idea to become one of the greats. Tetris has its deceptively basic shapes. Lumines has its binary system of two different-coloured blocks. Even Bejeweled used the fantastic match-3 concept, even if it wasn’t the first to use it.
Block-based puzzlers need a unique core concept to make them work, but they also need that push that keeps you playing. Tetris has its rapidly rising tension; Lumines has its enthralling soundscape evolution; and, Bejeweled has the power-ups and the amazing sound bytes that make it stand out in its crowded genre.

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Here are my reviews of Fuel Tiracas and Beats Slider, also on PSPMinis. 
I've joined the PSPMinis team now, so expect to see a lot more reviews of Playstation Mobile titles in the future.

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