Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two RPGs

I have a large collection of both PSP and PC games, but there are some better than others, and I can be easily distracted. Still there are some amazing games I just can't get away from. I happen to be playing two of some of the best on both systems.

The first game, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, is what I'm currently playing on PSP. I had played Crisis Core about the same time last year, and haven't gone back to it until now. I was amazed when I first played it, and am still amazed when I play it again. Like nearly every Final Fantasy, Square Enix has perfectly melded technology with brilliant storytelling. With an amazing cast of memorable characters, a moving soundtrack, great voice acting and writing, and an innovative battle system, what more can you ask from a game? It may not be for everyone, but for those that enjoy powerful storytelling, this should be a game that sticks with you for a long time, with characters you refuse to let go at the end of the game(and maybe even inspire you to play the original, Final Fantasy VII). I don't want to give away any of such an incredible  story, but it's safe to say you just might shed a few tears before the credits roll.

The second game currently in progress is Mass Effect 2, a rather new game that I've been tracking for a while, having played the first Mass Effect. Mass Effect 2 follows two years after the events of the first game, Shepard has been rebuilt from death in Project Lazarus, a secret project led by Cerberus, a pro-human organization with questionable methods, led by a shady character known as the Illusive Man. The Illusive Man gives you clues and ideas, but for the most part, you are in complete command of your vessel, the Normandy SR2. You're given your ship, your crew, and two Cerberus operatives to help you in your quest to stop a strange race known simply as the Collectors. Beyond that, you're given the freedom to assemble your squad however you want, and to explore the galaxy at your own pace.

 Now, all this might seem a lot to handle, but the small part of the story I've already told you could easily happen in the first hour of gameplay. The rest is completely up to you. There's some pretty huge(and small) decisions to make throughout the course of the game, and they all impact the story in one way or another. Brilliant writing, complemented by extremely detailed character models and animations, all come together to make a great cast of credible, mature characters. Mass Effect 2 feels completely different yet completely similar to Mass Effect, with some drastic(and well-appreciated) changes to combat and space exploration. Others are more subtle, such as interruptions in speech, are small but keep the system fresh and new.

Watch out for my review of Mass Effect 2, coming out sometime in April!

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