Sunday, February 21, 2010

WTF: Work Time Fun

I got a crazy Japanese game yesterday, which is funny, considering I usually can't stand anything crazy or Japanese(anime, manga). But WTF is crazy, in a great way. It's got a crazy premise, crazy minigames, and a crazy title, but it all works together to make one of the funniest, enjoyable and satisfying games I've played in a long time. Like Gamespot's review stated, Work Time Fun shouldn't be fun. It's games are repetitive and mundane, and many of them are blatant rip-offs of popular arcade games. Yet it's the game's unique craziness that makes it different, and cracks you up at every corner. Replay value is incredible with hundreds of (useless, but often very funny) trinkets, 40 minigames to unlock, and enough weird humour throughout the whole package. WTF isn't for everyone, but for those that can leave their sanity at the door and have a good time, WTF is some great addicting fun.

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